Wedding in a castle

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Eastern Hungary is full of  huge green forests and there are beautilful old castles, too. If you would like to spend your wedding day in the scenery of dignified buildings which have old stories about barons and dukes, which are still wonderful these days, this is the place for you.

The photos are taken in  beautiful natural environment, the  ceremony is held on the castle grounds, accomodation as well as traditional Hungarian or international menu is available in the castle. This is the perfect venue for a romantic, grandiose or elegant wedding.

If you would like a detailed offer, please contact us using the information below.

One of the beautiful historic castles in Eastern Hungary served as the framework of this nostalgic and lovely photo series in pastel shades. "Vintage dreams" provided the inspiration for the latest work of the team that specialises in planning and capturing unique and stylish weddings. The colours and the graceful elegance of the building perfectly fit every little detail of the concept:

  • the magic beauty of calligraphy - every bit is a stand-alone piece of art, forming a beautiful composition,
  • the beautiful, gently translucent and softly flowing lace dress, decorated on the back,
  • antique, old-style tall candlesticks and stoneware,
  • table accessories resembling the old days,
  • the softly and gently flowing ruffled bridal bouquet and the matching table decorations with the cake,
  • the delicate, sensual and detailed photos capturing the play of lights.

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