The colors of the winter

The magical and beautiful winter atmosphere inspired our team in the shooting of this creative photo series.  We just love this season!

The romantic, still playful mood is attached to sledges, skating, a cup of hot chocolate and gingerbread cookies.

The basic atmosphere is determined by the snow-white landscape, the shabby furniture resembling the brown colour of bare branches, the glittering vintage glassware and the intense tones of frozen berries.

The form of the snowflakes was recalled by the lacy material of the wedding dress, the colour of the winter was evoked by the snow-white desserts, its coldness was awakened by the frozen berries, while the pleasant warmth of rooms was created by candles.  The ice crystals appeared in the cake sugar, while the shabby atmosphere of the furniture was reflected in the appearance of the invitation and the desktop cards.

This is what a natural, yet romantic winter magic looks like in our design.  It is a perfect addition to winter weddings, to make your wedding album and the video complete.

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