Golden 20’s

Preparing a thematic wedding or a creative photo session is always a very exciting and challenging task.

Our most recent work was inspired by the atmosphere of the 'Golden Twenties'. There is no doubt that on account of presenting Baz Luhrmann's film, the Great Gatsby, the world is once again excited about the 20s, which is greatly influencing the world of weddings as well.


Knowing that miracle lies in the details, in the early stages of planning we like to immerse in studying the fashion, music, films and arts of the era.  We were easily taken by the features of Art Deco style: soft glow, sexy dresses with casual and simple cut-line, jewelry, enticing headbands, insanely attractive rhythmic music, dynamic and arduous, still enjoyable dances.

We tried to include the grace of these old times in all the details of appearance.

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